How is the product shipped?

Your order will be discreetly shipped in a bubble wrap envelope via Canada Post (In North America) or via Royal Mail/DHL (In EU, UK and other). A tracking number for your reference will be provided when you order is shipped.

Why pay with Bitcoin?

You stay anonymous! If you buy bitcoins in Circle or Coinbase your account is associated with your bitcoin wallet. But nobody knows where to and what for you are sending bitcoins.

If you pay with bitcoins we will deliver your order 1-2 days faster, because Western Union and Money Gram require some time to get payment confirmation.

15% Discount – extra 15% discount e.g. your order total is $300, but you need to pay only $255

Bitcoin is a decentralized currency. As compared again Western Union or Money Gram bitcoin-transfers are fast and they cannot be blocked by any authority! If you pay by WU or MG they can block your payment for various reasons. In this case you will need to resend your payment, which implies additional fees, time losses and inconvenience. With Bitcoin you won`t ever face such issues. Bitcoin transfers are always easy, fast and smooth.

Availability 24/7/365. You don`t need to think when to find time to visit a bank, WU office etc. Do you have holidays or night-time at the moment? With bitcoin it does not matter. If you need to transfer bitcoins at 3 a.m. on Sunday, they will be transferred at 3 a.m. on Sunday.

Where to buy Bitcoin?

Here are some bitcoin exchange sites we recommend:



Where are you located?

We are based out of North America and the UK.

What Countries do you ship to?

From the UK we ship to:

 Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Monaco, Japan, India and the UK

From Canada we ship to:

United States and Canada

*If your Country is not on this list, contact-us to inquire if special arrangements are possible.

How do I pay for my order?

There are multiple options available to provide payment for your order. Payment options are based on geographic locations as follows:


  • Visa – Temp Unavailable
  • Mastercard – Temp Unavailable
  • Bitcoin (save 15%)
  • COD (Via Canada Post)- Find out more here
  • Western Union – Open an online account here
  • Moneygram – Find out more Here

United States

  • Visa – Temp Unavailable
  • Mastercard – Temp Unavailable
  • Bitcoin (save 15%)
  • Western Union – Open an online account here
  • Moneygram – Find out more Here


  • Visa – Temp Unavailable
  • Mastercard – Temp Unavailable
  • Bitcoin (save 15%)
  • Western Union – Open an online account here
  • Moneygram – Find out more Here



What guarantee and warranty do you provide?

We fully stand behind our product and shipping. If your package is lost or stopped by customs, we will re-ship for free. If you are not satisfied we will exchange or refund your product. Please note that we will only refund the value of 1 kit (If you order 3 kits and are not satisfied, please return 2 kits unopened and we will refund the value of 1 kit).

How will I know my order has been shipped?

You will receive a tracking number via an email sent to you from to confirm your order once shipped.

Where does the product come from?

The product is developed in North America and the UK. Raw materials are sourced from Tier one manufacturers in Europe.

Can I order other products other than just HGH?

No, we focus only on high quality Human Growth Hormone.

How long after you receive my payment will it take for my order to be shipped and to arrive?

Typically orders are shipping within 24 hours after payment confirmation. It will take 3 – 7 business days for your order to arrive, however, this does not include orders placed over the weekend. Weekend orders will ship on the following Monday.

Do you offer discounts for larger orders?

Yes, we do offer wholesale rates for bulk orders. Please contact-us to discuss wholesale rates in your Country.

Are syringes included?

No, we do not include syringes with your order. Syringes can be purchased online at several websites such as

How do I mix the product?

Typically, one ml or one cc of water is added to each vial. The water should be gently injected into the vial to avoid harming the protein. Gently swirl the vial once the water has been added until the power is fully dissolved. A video of this process can be seen here:


What dosage do I take?

We cannot offer you medical advice. Please contact your Doctor to provide safe dosage information.

Who are we?

We are asked this question a lot. Due to the nature of our product, we cannot be specific. We are a group of Health and Wellness enthusiasts who provide a quality alternative to overpriced Big Pharma brands and a safe alternative to dangerous generic Chinese products.

Eroid source information and testimonials coming soon!

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